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Greetings! I’m a committed Agent of Chaos that just happens to work mainly in the agile space. I’ve done time as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Development Manager, Product Owner by Proxy, and Agile Change Agent…my systems interests lie mostly in the BPM and IVR space, but I’ve done enough of everything to be dangerous. My interest in Agile is mainly around the cultural and psychological aspects of adoption and change, and how organizations learn and grow while attempting to redefine not only what they do but what they are. I hope to connect with others to have some spirited discussion along this and other agile topics!


Howdy… Excited to be a part of this community. As far as an intro goes… I am a Professional Bottle Neck Smasher, aka VP of Keepin it Real… I have found that with most of my engagements I tend to focus on the Program and organizational change coaching. Getting leadership to be part of the Scrum team and not the impediment to the Scrum team. Focusing on the work and not the workers. As a part of this community I am looking forward to getting to know how others handle the same day to day challenges and crush them in different ways. I am excited to share my 15 plus year of experience as a, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager, Coach and Thought leader with a group of enthusiastic professionals.


Great idea in forming this group! I’m looking forward to collaborating with everyone. I’m a developer by trait having started my agile journey in XP. These days I’m a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org and work for a consulting company where I am sent on Agile missions across the globe.


Hey todd! Nice to meet you. I still have to introduce myself haha. Glad you joined the discussion!


So happy to have you on @Todd


Microphone check…Hello Agile Enthusiasts!!!. Stoked to be part of a community with such an awesome mission. Can’t way to learn and be learned from. I am a dad, sports fan, youth sports coach who enjoys forming relationships and helping people achieve their goals. In my spare time, I am a technology leader, transformation specialist, and Agile coach that has a passion for building great products, strong teams, and valuable business outcomes. I have a broad range of experience applying Agile and Lean at different levels of the organization. I am striving to be the best coach/person possible by being active in the Agile community and relentlessly pursuing continuous improvement. I am the Owner and President of Achieving Agility, an independent Agile and Lean consulting company.


Rob here…hello brothers & sisters of the same cloth. I’ve been in software development for close to 17 years. I cut my teeth in this biz as a tester and as a BA, Project Manager, Product Owner, and Product Manager. Back in the day I made a ton of cash making a splash with Flash (w/HTML & JS) that funded tuition and living expenses (and south philly’s best pizza). My agile journey started in 2010 when a Mgr dropped “Agile Software Dev w/Scrum” on my desk and told me I could have it as he’d never use it. This was at a time I was considering getting out of the biz, so in a cool way agile saved my career. I try to influence at least one person a day in the ways of agility. In my spare time I enjoy quiet, my family, music, sun, and cigars.


Greetings from Germany :raising_hand:
My name is Arne, employed Servant Leader at a consulting company near cologne focussed on Oracle DB based applications. Over the years I had different roles in that context. Still hands on code, I am active in introducing (and coaching) Kanban to clients on different levels.

In real live we (wife + two kids) love to travel arround the world doing some camper adventures.

Happy to be here, I am looking forward to get inspired and learn from you, guys!

Cheers, Arne


I’m Matt - a software engineer in Philadelphia and use agile as a tool to build flexible and reliable software just as I use text editors and source control.

I am normally working on web and mobile applications. I’m currently working on the iOS Clinical Key app - a medical decision and reference suite for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and students. I also own my own development shop - Rappid Development - where I use agile techniques to complete projects for clients here in Philly.


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Hi Agile Friends! My name is Colleen Johnson, I’m on the Board of Directors for AgileDenver and the Conference Chair for the 2016 & 2017 Mile High Agile Conference. I am the Practice Director of Lean/Agile Transformation with ImagineX Consulting and the Founder of ScatterSpoke- an tool for online retrospectives. AND by far my best job of all- mom to two kiddos (6 & 8) :smile:


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Yo! Leader of Yoh’s Agile Practice (<–see what I did there?) and committed to providing practical agile services and solutions to our customer base in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Utilize agile frameworks and methods in my personal and professional life and enjoy learning new techniques to better my understanding of what agility means to different people. This coalition is a great place to share patterns (micro and macro) of effective agility from real life experiences and I am excited to be a part of it. When I used to have spare time (father of 3 children under 4) I enjoyed fishing, reading, Philly sports and gaming.


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Welcome new coalition members @Colleen, @yohscott, @Arne @MattMorgis, @rlegatie.


Hello Agilists!! Glad to be here, I’ve bee agile since 2007, mostly as an SM but now working as a Release Train Engineer at EMC in the Research Triangle area of NC. Looking to share and discuss ideas as well as learn something new along the way


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Hi there! My name is Alycia Gotthold. I am a dedicated Agile recruiter for Yoh. If you haven’t made the connection just yet, I work with yohscott ^ (see above) the Leader of Yoh’s Agile Practice  I have been recruiting aka “professionally stalking” Agilists nationwide for almost 3 years. I like to believe that have built a solid agile network and thoroughly enjoy speaking with agile professionals, learning all the different frameworks/methodologies. If you or someone you know is looking for a new gig… I am HERE! I would welcome a conversation with anyone who would like to introduce themselves and join my network! Email me anytime Alycia.Gotthold@YOH.com. I certainly am excited to be a part of Agile Uprising and meeting new people! Cheers!