I like this, how well does this work with a mixed gender team? If there is a single female on the team could this feel “unsafe”? What are the risks with speed dating?


It’s just having open discussions 1:1 with everyone on the team! The title is just for run really I think because its in the “style” of how speed dating works.


@bradstokes I have run this retro with mixed populations and India… When introducing it I refer to the style of speed dating and not to get hung up on the title. I had to tell a story about speed dating when I did it in India… was a bit lost on them.

I have a funny story about introducing to a team in Pittsburgh… but that is not a safe one to type out here! It has to do with me growing up near West Virginia.

So you can piece that together on your own. @JayHorsecow


I love the idea, I can just see where it might be quite scary and (in a completely unintentional way) very confronting for some personalities. I was more curious than anything. I would 100% have to change the title, but I like it.


One of the best ways to create dynamics in a team. I experienced this to be very well perceived by everyone so far. A must have in every new team!


Glad you like it @hdietrich !


A colleague of mine was just pointing me to the Japanese concept call IKIGAI, which means “a reason for being”.

While this is meant to be tailored for personal development, I feel like you could apply it to other contexts, like teams or even organizations as well.

“What the world needs” and “What you are being paid for” becomes your product…


Wow that’s very interesting! Going to think about how a retro format might work with this. If I come up with something good i’ll post. Thank you


Catching up with posts on Agile Uprising I just discovered this one. There are lot of great exercises already, cool!

I’m listing exercises in my retrospective toolbox at
One of my favorites is the Backpacking Retrospective


Bumping for the folks in the agile facilitator class