12th Annual State of Agile from Version 1 is out


I just noticed the number of respondents has plummeted. In 2011 there were over 6000 responses. In 2018 there were less than 1600. Is the survey becoming less relevant to current practice?


Good data point. Seems State of Agile might have run it’s course.


Hmm, I know it’s a tangent, but I’ve gotta speak up in defense of including assembly language in comp sci programs. :slight_smile: It’s not really old or historical, it’s just low-level. It’s not like they’re teaching PDP-11 or VAX assembly. Anything in the x86 line from, say, Pentium onward has some pretty sophisticated stuff going on. I do expect an engineer to know how their high-level code relates to what happens inside the computer, how memory is cached, etc.