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This is a space for the board leads and moderators to share information with the coalition. If you have a site request, please use the #site-feedback category. If you need help, please use #site-help

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This category is for anyone that has an agile or agile related question. Pose it to the team to see who has been there or who can help you with your situation.

Recommended Reading

Use this category to share links to interesting articles, videos, podcasts or books with the coalition.


Share any agile events you know of with the community. Please try to follow the following topic syntax given these high level outlines:


All things job related. Job seekers and job providers. Look thru the individual sub-categories and find the most appropriate one for your post.

Open Space

This is a general space to discuss agile in general.

Individuals and Interactions

Individuals, Interactions, Teams, Roles, all those things live here.

Working Software

What is on the path to working software?


Customer collaboration. End users. stakeholders. Management. Gold owners. All here.

Contracts and Negotiation

Bit of a catchall for the topic: relates to entrepreneurs, freelancers, developers for hire, coaches, contractors.


Sometimes you just got to share...


Share those victories, the wins, what made you smile today?

Agile Games

We learn by doing! Use this space to share Agile Games that you have used to communicate a complicated idea or concept.


Our podcast topics cover a wide range:

Agile Ask Me Anything

Welcome to Agile Ask Me Anything! We will feature Agile Industry Thought Leaders for one week at a time to answer YOUR specific questions. Each guest will be featured in a different topic thread so check them all to see who you have questions for. Please keep your questions respectful and note the time box for responses. Tell us who you want to see here!

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Have you got an idea and been wondering how/where to share it? The AU can help you w dat…