Agile in 5 words or less?


one: Wow!


Embrace chaos

Dances with Chaos


Chaos is a difficult word in the context of agile. I would assume that many antagonists of agile would agree on that definition :wink:


One: adaptive

When 17 developers met to define the manifesto, there has been a tie between the word “agile” and “adaptive”. “agile” just has been chosen because “adaptive” has been used by one of the members before.


Good point.

I used “chaos” in the context of the Cynefin Framework.

Maybe a better approach would be:

  • navigating complexity, avoiding chaos

I like “adaptive” - and we’d likely have no one trying to sell us some “adaptive” the way they peddle “agile”

Hard to make adaptive a noun :slight_smile:


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(Re)discover fun at work!


Do less, sooner, together. Repeat.


I just did an update on the post A Dictionary of Agile Language - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE and used the list to recalled the things that make agile different from a traditional development approach (it is very close to what we can find in the agile manifest already):

  • value work in teams
  • bring timely results
  • continuously consider improvements for users

This brings me to the following 5 words describing agile:

Working together on timely improvements




Any anagram that ends in a question mark is awesome. Full stop.


Shall we close the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Good one @Learning2BAgile !!!