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Just started following Mike on Twitter. Concept of workplace agile teams supporting team in schools is very powerful. Curious is you are seeing more of these relationships developing.


If you’re not familiar with John Miller, one of the few CSCs in the world (and luckily for me, living in San Diego too), you might want to give him a Twitter follow (@agileschools) and/or contact him.

His project, “Agile Classrooms”, is very interesting. Just look through his website resources and enjoy the visuals!


Thank you for the recommendation. Following him.


Great News. Agile in Education-NYC MeetUp has scheduled its first session for Tuesday, January 17th 5:30-7:30pm. If you live in the NY Metro area, or know anyone who does, please spread the word. This group will focus on raising agile awareness, delivering agile knowledge, applying agile concepts. ]t is intended to bring together people in many dimensions of their education and career. Join us on our journey


Is anyone familiar with professors in NY Metro who are focused on agile in education and/or agile practitioners in enterprise who have worked with schools?


I work with schools that have adopted the Span Collaboration System by Nureva. If you are familiar with it and looking to partner, i am able to facilitate.


@Dana_Pylayeva is in NYC and might be able to connect some dots for you @EllenAfromsky regarding Agile and Education.


Thanks Zach.


Agile Learning Centers are doing great work.
They are more for opting out of the current system for a self-directed, unschooling experience, using Agile to support it.

EduScrum and AgileClassrooms (my framework) are more for Agile in the current education systems.
EduScrum is Scrum ported to edu and rocks.
AgileClassrooms is evolving to be an authentic Agile Edu framework, that is not just an offshoot of Agile for software applied to edu, but, a framework design with educators using Agile mindsets.
For example, although Agile Classrooms is inspired by Scrum and some Kanban, you will not see roles like Product Owner, since, this is not authentic to the edu context.

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