Distributed retrospectives?


Hi everyone! Just joined this community today thanks to @Scrummando. I’m David, one of the co-founders at Retrium (previously mentioned in this thread, thanks @andybacon and others!).

Glad a few of you have tried (and liked) Retrium for your distributed retrospectives. A few months ago we launched Lean Coffee as a technique, so you might want to check that out too.

Anyway, this is just a friendly “hello”. Nice to see some familiar faces here :relieved: and can’t wait to get involved in the discussion.


welcome @dshorowitz ! Happy new year!


I tried out ScatterSpoke. This was exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward for more customization options and templates.


Curious if any of you are familiar with Span Collaboration System. Cloud based software that enables interaction in real time - anywhere, anytime, any device. It is exactly as though you were in the same room, workng together, using any variety of retrospective techniques. No limitsl Simulates familiar analog processes and, form there, only limits are your imagination. Look forward to your feedback.


I had a few things to say about the topic but posted my reply to this parallel thread. I want to keep it DRY. If you are interested, feel free to go to that thread and read. In short, I found Google Drawing to work the best for me.