To estimate or Not to estimate


I wish these conversations allowed sub-threading as I’m having trouble tying @hdietrich A-F list as responses back to points above…

@andycleff- sub-threading on the backlog? :wink:


You are right that this thread is becoming confusing. Sorry!

Probably we should setup new threads as follow ups on the topics discussed in here, as they are not related to the initial topic anymore.


Adding the external dependencies to the definition of ready. Now why didn’t I think about that before. Thanks!


@Erah_13 needs more slack time.

Reflection > Reaction



Probably should, but I’m loving the conversation…


Indeed, it is taking us to the essentials of agile. And it is haptic, full of great examples.

Anyhow, I have forked out the topic of incomplete stories now. To be able to continue following up on several topics without getting messed up.


An old post, but perhaps apropos to the topic of estimating…

tldr: we suck at estimates