Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Hi @trudelle,

The best thing you can do is get involved in the conversation. We have all sorts of people here from people just beginning their journey to veterans like yourself. I’d love to hear about some of both the wins and losses you’ve seen over the years.

Cheers Brad


Thanks @JayHorsecow, I would love join the podcast. I’m not sure what / if value I could bring to the discussion however. To be totally transparent, I’m new’ish to the HR field (working in it for the last 9 month, coming from IT before that) and I’v been tasked with helping setup the discipline of an Agile strategy that a consultant has setup for the organization.

Always interested in the conversation and if I can provide any feedback / value I’m all for it.


Hi @Shaun_Mitchell,

That’s 9 more months than most people. Don’t discount the value of being new to a field. Often you can see things that people with more experience miss completely.

HR can fit really nicely with Agile. Coming from IT background you probably have the ability to apply systems thinking to the task at hand. I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say.


Hey folks - just joining the group after getting introduced to it at the Toronto SG. Looking forward to reading and listening to what looks like some good stuff! I’m a beer-loving agile coach from NY.


Do we have a persona for beer loving? If not, we should. Welcome @randy

Dive in … start a thread… pile on an existing convo…


Hi, I am William Strydom. I learned about the agile coalition from Alistair Cockburn when I asked him about the agile manifesto some time ago. I am currently very fortunate to be collaborating with @Troy at a client site and he introduced me to the fine things the agile coalition has to offer.

I am a coach who gets fulfillment from helping people grow and reach their fullest potential, whatever their passion or goal may be.

I have been on my agile journey for over a decade and have matured from scrum master to agile practitioner to agile coach to whatever else I enjoy doing. I do enjoy continuous learning and as a result I have tons of certifications, agile and non-agile, for me the certifications are a byproduct not the goal. My focus is the learning; and applying the learning for the growth of individuals and organizations.

I notice some people here at the agile coalition I have crossed paths with on my journey and new names and faces I would enjoy meeting and sharing ideas with. This does feel like my tribe.

I am looking forward to lots of sharing and learning.



Hello All,

This is Prasanna Sathyanarayanan (it’s faster to write a program to count the number of ‘a’ in my name).

I am an Agile Coach in the winter city of Edmonton, Alberta (with deceptively nice summers) in the great white north.

Came to know about the Agile Uprising coalition through the On Agile virtual conference and met Ryan in person at the Toronto SGCAN, hoping to learn from fellow agilists and contribute here.

BTW, can someone point me to the DevOps slack channel?


@theagileenthusiast Our sincerest apologies for the time you spent with Ryan… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that did not involve staying out until 3AM in Toronto.

The DevOps slack channel? Need more context to try to help there…

And a belated hello to @William - great podcast with @troy !


Thanks @andycleff - ha ha, no it didn’t. I was poking him on some topics regarding Continuous Deployment, kind of nerdy talk.

The DevOps slack channel was mentioned by Ryan during his keynote at SGCAN, I managed to find it http://devopsdebate.com and have sent a request to join.



My name is Peter Trudelle, I’m a grizzled software development veteran living in the SF Bay area. I practice Lean/Agile approaches, looking for better ways of working, teaching them to others, and guiding them to improve their outcomes.


Grizzled is good word. Definitely suits California, don’t you have a grizzly bear on the state flag?

Anyway, welcome and glad to have you here. What is a challenge facing you atm?


To be honest it probably depends on the maturity of the organisation/ industry. Automotive is forced into lean on an operational level, otherwise OEMs lose their competitive edge even on the premium level. What is interesting in that the support functions appear to have an iron grasp on waterfall, even in the IT environment, as the C- level is just not buying into alternative methodologies. Interestingly my previous organisation was the other way around (an Aerospace manufacturer); shop floor was struggling to get lean but C-level was more “agile”.


Hi, I’m Derek Parker. I’ve been all over the IT map over my career - developer, sys admin mngr, cloud mngr, PM. I’m now a scrum master transitioning an ocean liner of a company (with a small rudder) to Agile Scrum, and maybe on to SAFe later. So I’m a part-time PM, part-time scrum master and coach.

I joined over a year ago, but I’ve only popped in here from time to time to read a few posts. I think I may be here more often in the next few months asking you guys questions and sharing some experiences.


Welcome @Hamlet

Love the story of big boat, small rudder. Many here can relate, myself included.


Hi everyone. This looks like an awesome initiative, but rarely see any mention about it (until yesterday), so have only just joined. Happy to help as well as learn.

Some might call me a “seasoned” practitioner, having 2 decades’ experience in Agile. I’ve a background in software development, product development and leading business solution projects for corporates and government; since 2005 began using Agile techniques across business functions (have applied it successfully from sales to social care). I continually seek to apply Agile practices and continually learn new techniques, methods, tricks that make the continuous learning fun.

I started my Agile journey in the early 1990s (development lead on the first RAD (Rapid Application Development) projects undertaken in UK banks); subsequently done a tremendous amount with DSDM (later DSDM Atern), eXtreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Agile Unified Process (AUP), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Lean and Lean Six Sigma; used DSDM to enhance XP and Scrum (really beneficial), more recently expanding Agile into programs and portfolios, using AgilePF, LeSS, DAD, Nexus, and still struggle to be sold on colossal SAFe.

On my journey I have authored quite a few blogs, co-authored a few books on projects and Agile, presented a few times. Tweet a little too often via various accounts, including @AGILEartisan. I’m an active member of the Agile Business Consortium (agilebusiness.org) and have helped them develop their Agile Culture and Leadership guidance.

Looking forward to some good discussions.



@NeilWalker Great to have you here!


Hi All - My name is Chris Diller, I’m an Agile Coach in the Target Dojo in Minneapolis. I’m also a member of Scrum Alliance’s North American Gathering Team, responsible for planning the program for the Global Scrum Gathering each year. I’ve been listening to the Agile Uprising Podcast for the last year or two and finally decided to find my way here, too. Happy to have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with all of you!


welcome Chris!


Hi everyone. I’m Darryl (identifying as Susan/Terry/Charlotte)
I’ve been studying and practicing lean and agile ways of working since the late 1990s.
I’m a big fan of the podcast and really looking forward to contributing and learning on this site.
I currently work at BP as an Agile Coach helping to implement a modernisation and transformation agenda.
I also run a couple of meetup groups in my hometown of Southampton UK on topics of DevOps and Data Science.

Twitter: @darrylsherborne