2017 Revisions to the Scrum Guide


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EDITOR’S NOTE: Troy Lightfoot watched the webcast of Jeff Sutherland & Ken Schwaber’s review of the 2017 Updates to the Scrum Guide. Below are his observations. Revisions to the Scrum Guide 2017 Ken and Jeff decided to incorporate community feedback and make some changes to the scrum guide this year. They started off discussing the…


“Modern Scrum”

Possible taglines:

  • Not just for IT…
  • Not your father’s scrum…
  • Still a walking skeleton…
  • Now more flexible than every… oh, wait…

All kidding aside, nice to see the Guide subject to improvement. Small, nuanced and important changes.


It was a nice touch.

I liked the acknowledgement of the idea of daily planning being the focus of the daily stand up and moving from the 3 questions which become a status report.

I admit I also liked the slight refocusing of the scrum master to focus on the servant leadership role rather than (as some people wrongly interpret the role) a dogmatist to enforce scrum.

I’d say pretty positive.


I found Ken and Jeff’s own responses to the updates.


Personally, I thought the 3 questions were out of date in 2009:

Since then, I’ve been walking the board, and I’ve found a lot of other groups doing the same. I’m glad the Scrum framework is acknowledging this.


We do this. In truth, I try to mix it up a little. Walking the board right to left is a mainstay, but we go clockwise, anti clockwise, throw a ball, and sometimes just have a chat about how we are going on the sprint. People chat and coordinate and we most importantly get it done and get into things quickly. It may not be perfect, but it helps.


Yeah, my format has stayed with right to left (backwards from the finish line is the priority), but has a follow-up set of questions that are open-ended and I mix up each day…

  • anything not on the board worth mentioning
  • anything outside the sprint
  • anything from UI/UX (matrixed resources working on prep’ing work for next grooming)
  • anything from cross-team