A gift for coalition members from Spark the Change


Hey all, I’m the organizer of Spark the Change Toronto ( http://sparkthechange.ca ) and wanted to give coalition members 10% Spark this year. When I ran into my first organizational roadblock, there wasn’t much by the way of books, meetups, or conferences about Agile outside of IT. Spark brings together Agile, change management, HR, and OD people from all over the world under roof and we have one track so people from different disciplines can mingle for the greater good.

The discount code is agileuprising because I believe in creativity, and you can grab tickets at http://sparkthechange.ca

We’ll have Dave Gray (author of Gamestomring, The Connected Company) as one of our speakers and bunch of other folks doing interactive sessions. This isn’t your typical boring, beige-room-with-no-windows conference!

We intentionally stay small at around 120 people to keep an informal, low-key vibe so if you want to come, grab a spot soon!

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