About the Podcasts category


Our podcast topics cover a wide range:

  • AGILE: We cover all topics associated with Agile. From the Manifesto, to the frameworks, to the values and principles. We are passionate about the world of agility.
  • LEAN: Discussions of concept to cash, waste identification and removal, and effective lean metrics are often covered in our shows.
  • UX/DESIGN: Dual track agile, design thinking, LeanUX, and hypothesis-driven design are all topics we have covered in our podcast episodes.
  • MANAGEMENT/LEADERSHIP: Our hosts speak from their various backgrounds in all areas of leadership and management. We also regularly welcome leadership thought leaders as guests.
  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: We cover various software development topics such as Extreme Programming, SOLID principles, CI/CD/CB and architecture in our more technical shows.

All the shows are listed chronologically here: http://agileuprising.libsyn.com/