Agile as a service vendor


Does anyone have any experience working in a company that serves as a service vendor? The best comparison I have is what Foxconn is to Apple. Foxconn makes the phones, but Apple owns the product.
In this situation, the service that the company provides is a high stakes defined process, although not manufacturing. Many software applications support this defined process, but these applications are not the product.
This company is starting to realize that they’re antiquated processes are losing them business, so they’re going through their own transformation. Everyone keeps throwing the word Agile around, but I’m struggling to see how Agile is going to help them.


@Leanleff didn’t you work with a client that was sortof in the same vein a while back?


Based on the statement

they may consider looking at a process improvement implementation which is where Lean comes in, it focuses on ways to improve processes.