Agile Coach Camp US (ACCUS2017) in New York - April 28 - 30


Agile Coach Camp US is an unconference which uses Open Space Technology to bring together people interested in helping software development organizations and their business partners get better at mastering their craft. A wide variety of topics get explored at each Camp.

Agile Coach Camp US is organized in a different city each year by practitioners from local Agile, Lean and Kanban communities. Learn more about 2017 organizers.
For the first time ever, this highly participatory event will come to NYC. If you are an Agile/Lean or Kanban Coach, Scrum Master or other experienced practitioner in this field, you can’t afford to miss it!
The camp is limited to 80 people only, expect a lot of collaboration, conversations, idea cross-pollination and networking with experienced agilists. Reserve your spot!
We look forward to collaborating with you at ACCUS2017.


Thanks Dana! Pumped to see this event come to the east coast, right up the road from the birthplace of the Uprising, Philadelphia.

For coaches who want to improve at your craft without emptying the bank, this is the event for you! A weekend with 80 Agilists that are passionate about change and people, who just want to learn from one another. See you there!


I’ll be there!


Oh I’m going…it’s gonna be a party. :slight_smile:


Hmmm - I’d like to go but it is my wife’s birthday weekend. I would have to do some insane bartering to pull this off… Let me try.