Agile Craft?


Anybody use this tool? Thoughts? With all the tumult in the Rally space we’re starting to investigate other options…


What’s the tumult in the Rally space?


Rally was bought by CA and then sold to Broadcom along with PPM. Broadcom said they plan on offloading all their SaaS products, they cancelled the rest of the 2018 releases as well as their conference. Word on the street is the product is going the way of the dodo.


Saw that coming RE the Artist Formerly Known as Rally. So I have used Agile Craft in a classroom setting only. I know a few folks over there if you want an introduction, Jay. It had a Window-sy UI when I used it but it had a few pretty powerful concepts done well. But this was like moments in a SAFe SA class and more regarding part of that class than the tool.


cough cough Don’t believe everything you read please! Especially when it comes to Broadcom and this acquisition. Disclaimer: I work for CA on the CA AC (Rally) product.