Agile Manchester (UK) conference appearance


Hi everyone!

This year I’m making my very first conference appearance. I’m going to be at Agile Manchester in May, giving a tutorial on Creating More Engaging Retros. As some of you may have noticed, retros are a passion of mine, mainly because I was subjected to some really terrible retrospectives when I was a developer and I promised myself never to do the same to another!

If anyone is this side of the pond at the time and would like to attend, you can receive a discount on tickets using the code 10Georgina and if you do come make sure to say hi to me!


Great topic…wish I was on the other side of the pond to check it out as I’ve always thought about doing something retro related for a conference talk or tutorial and would love to see what you put together for it. Good luck!


Wish I was able to be on the other side of the world to attend!


If it’s recorded, I will be sure to post the link to it :slight_smile:


Yeah! Here’s hoping that’s it’s recorded then. Even if it is not I look forward to hearing about how it went @agileGeorge!