Agile Marketing


Feeling quite ambivalent about this article. I’m not sure what I’m reacting to.

I know marketing can suit a scrum approach OR scrumban OR Kanban depending on the situation. Something in this feels like I want to ask more questions?

The whole article can be captured in this paragraph

Outreach is focused on the company customer, but it’s all in service to the work of product development teams. Making this distinction is key when it comes to agile marketing because it delineates just how critical it is to rethink internal operations to, ultimately, better serve the hallowed company customer. You can run email campaigns and targeted ads across social platforms, but if siloed it runs the risk of failing to serve the greater organisational goal.

I think the issue I face is it feels like “trust me” proposition, not a let me show you WHY this idea works. Am I wrong?


Not wrong!!!


That article felt like an intro/fluff piece…

I’ve been helping a couple parts of our marketing group to agile in my current environment… we use strict Scrum in the areas where strategic work is balanced with tactical (tracking long term backlog/goals) and we use Kanban for the print side of the house where work isn’t known until days in advance and the team is able to never fall too far behind.


There a prob better resources to share with an agile curious marketing team…

Google search, with recent (2017-2018) resources: