Agile "Married with Children" - Panel Podcast Idea


Call for participants…

We’d like to do a panel podcast episode around how we use our agile mindsets in our daily life…

  • With our life partners
  • Our children
  • Heck, even our pets.

Nothing is off the table… well, maybe some things… it should be a safe for work episode… just sayin

If you’re interested in joining, add your name below…

@troy and I will be hosting…

We’ll record sometime between tomorrow and Feb 8.

And release just in time for Valentine’s Day.


I used Kanban with my son on the autism spectrum. It wasn’t a 100% success, but was better than other strategies we’ve tried.

My partner and I use jira for our personal projects. That does work really well


If you want to join us, we could record any time from 7PM to 9PM GMT -05
Mid day - your time.


Cool. I’m pretty cool any day other than Friday. :smile:


I will say that some of the most successful months of my marriage where when we “scrummed” our family. Granted it still crashed and burned so I may not be the right audience for this convo lol.


Really isn’t that an important part of the discussion. Where does it all fall down. A family isn’t a factory. Getting flow into the rhythm may be as harmful as helpful. Where can you go too far? Devil’s advocate is reasonable position to take.


Paging @troy


great point Brad. I was intending to be funny but you’re right. :slight_smile:


If you’d like to join us, here’s the “dial in” link:

Recording on Monday, Feb 5th, 8 PM ET (GMT-05)

All are welcome. Will be lean coffee + improv + round robin + total chaos.

Release in time for Valentine’s Day…


Whats going on?


You could share your story of using a kanban board with the Mrs. And what happened when you tried WIP limits :grin:


oh for sure haha


I’d like to participate if you’re looking for anyone else to share experiences. My wife and I recently used one of the retro techniques someone posted on here to help us get “unstuck” with some things we needed to move forward and it worked well.


Let me know best email to send you google calendar invite


We’ll be recording on Feb 5, 8-9PM ET (GMT-5:00)

Link to join the panel is:

Please feel free to join, no RSVP needed. We’ll start at the top of the hour…


Deserves the link to the cast. It was a fantastic discussion. I found the idea of Mean Time to Conflict Resolution quite challenging. I really like the thought. There are some great gems in there.