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Continuing the discussion from A list of the top 15 agile books:

Place to collect Agile and Non-Agile books that can help people on their journey. This will evolve overtime. Just getting this out there to start the conversation.

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The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master definitely deserves a mention. Not all of it is relevant, but still good. Price point for ebook seems a little high though.

Edit: It looks to be less than when I went to read it. I ended up being able to borrow a copy. It was over $50 US a few months ago on Amazon, that now seems to be sitting at ~$27 USD. Not so bad.


Recent additions to the bookshelf:

No Estimates by Vasco Duarte. I thought these #noestimates guys were smoking sherm, boy was I mistaken. I’m now trying to implement this in my org, it just makes sense!

To the Point by Paulo Caroli. I came across this guy from a Martin Fowler blog post about Lean Inception; this book outlines the whole process and I LOVE IT. I find myself walking around trying to find an excuse to use the ideas in this book, I think it’s brilliant.


One of my latest books is Joy, Inc. It is a quick read and I highly recommend it to folks here. It’s part autobiographical as the author, Richard Sheridan describes how he lost his passion for the industry in the late 90s (given the high rate of failure of software projects and burnout) and his timely discovery of Kent Beck and XP. He describes how he transformed the organization he worked in and then moved on to build an entire company (Menlo Innovations) around XP and the singular goal to bring joy to the world of software development.

The remainder of the book describes how Menlo Innovations works which is a mix of XP, persona based design, and some of their own practices. It’s quite an inspiring read and covers everything from interviews and onboarding to scaling.