Agile Uprising: Logo Tweak


We’re in the process of prepping for some new swag, some pop-up banners, and a table wrap for 2018 conferences.

We need to “vectorize” our AU logo since we only had a bitmap.

In the process, we’re exploring minor tweaks. So nothing major, just some subtle stuff.

Below are two versions… one with “Blue Oceans” one with “Blue Continents”

Looking for feedback, not necessarily consensus.

V1, blue ocean:
Agile Uprising text logo v1

V2, blue landmass:
Agile Uprising text logo v2


Number 1 seems correct - water is associated with blue. I find number 2 like an optical illusion where you have to look closely to see the land


I vote 2.

Number 1 feels heavy.


v2… weight, not water color was my driving decider. Gotta shrink this down (top nav bar size for example) and see what it looks like to know which is best.


Scaled down:

Agile Uprising text logo v1 Small

Agile Uprising text logo Small v2


I still prefer the bitmap version :joy: - having Africa more in the center makes it easy to recognize the globe; even in the scaled down version.


We won’t always have it at 45 pixels high though…

Stickers, backdrops, etc

My thought was to show North America, Europe.

And ask for forgiveness from our Austrailian brothers and sisters…


I’m sure we will live… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. You’ll do just fine.

Made slight tweaks to the “Blue Ocean” Version… reducing the size of the globe a wee bit.

Agile Uprising text logo v1a small

Agile Uprising text logo v1a


digging it. prefer the blue oceans here. For the smaller versions though, the URL isn’t very readable on my screen. Thought about gold plating this work and tweaking that too? :wink:


I prefer the blue ocean, it makes it easier to tell that it is the world.

I always thought it was odd that the central portion of the earth facing the logo is the Atlantic ocean, maybe the Azores. Also, it is hard to make it out as a globe. Maybe you can make a few varieties:

  • USA-centric
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Australia/New Zealand

BTW: do Australians draw their maps upside down? :stuck_out_tongue:


No need @Jon - we’re the centre of the bloody universe wherever we are :wink:


I’d say “Too right!”, but don’t want to over do it.


Ohhhh. Each chapter of the AU can have their own version of the “badge” with their continent front and center. Suitable as well for body ink.

Small version would not have URL. No need. Just include here for speed of creating the scaled down version.

Thanks for all of your input


2018 Logo Version:

Agile Uprising Badge 234x246
Agile Uprising text logo 246x972
Agile Uprising text logo url 246x672

Hi res, cmyk vectorized PDF’s
Agile Uprising Badge CMYK.pdf (592.2 KB)
Agile Uprising text logo url CMYK.pdf (598.6 KB)
Agile Uprising text logo CMYK.pdf (585.7 KB)

Let me know when you want your continent “front and center”!