Agile Uprising - Original Manifesto Meeting Notes [Open]


We are very lucky to offer to our community the original Agile Manifesto meeting notes of Jon Kern (@Jon). As part of our meeting with Jon for our manifesto review project, he offered to share these with us as long as we make them available to the community. This is the full and complete document that you must be a registered member to access. If you share a link to this, please ask the recipient to join the coalition and contribute to our amazing community.

Thanks to Jon and the other co-authors that have been gracious with their time to meet with us on the review project.

The open access (page one) of the notes can be seen here.

To see the full notes, please register (sign up button on top of the coalition home page) for a free Agile Uprising Coalition account, then access this post.

Another Snowbird Artifact: Andy Hunt's Notes!

In those photo’d sheets, the typewritten parts are notes I wrote in advance of the meeting (w Andy Hunts comments), obviously on a wikiwiki), and the handwritten notes are Jon Kern’s during the meeting


I’m really glad Kern kept these. Fascinating to get a a glimpse of the advance work, as well as the notes taken contemporaneously. Beautiful stuff.