Agile Uprising Podcast: 5 Metrics to Create Safety and High Performing Teams



I’ve listened once and I will be listening again. Is there a link to the slide show? There was a lot of goodnes to be had here.


Enjoy the slides !


That was the 5th time I gave that talk this year. I am sad only 2 conference accepted my talk on descaling enterprises instead of scaling agility.


That’s because “scaling agility” is code for “command and control remains in tact” and is a topic that is in greater demand by those that control the purse strings. :wink:


Listened to this on the way to work this morning. Lots of great insights that I plan on exploring in the near future. Thanks for providing this talk!


I’m still in the process of getting to a point where we can actively investigate how we are going.

This talk gives me a really nice starting point.


Yes. There is a link that takes you to rage preservation at Agile DC


This was excellent and have already a second go on my play list for morning commutes.

Thanks for the slides link!


Super glad you enjoyed. Let me know if you have questions @Erah_13