Agile Uprising Podcast...not just in ITunes anymore!


In an effort to include our podcast listeners that aren’t necessarily Apple/ITunes fans we have expanded our podcast footprint into other applications and avenues; see below for links to a multitude of podcast applications! Let us know if there’s an avenue that you consume podcasts in that we haven’t covered!

Google Play Store: TBD


This is awesome, Jay. Thanks for setting this up.

Podcast listeners, please let us know what length you prefer our podcasts to be by taking this one-question podcast length survey. Thanks!


30 minutes to an hour. Variable length is fine, anything longer than that feels like it drags.


HI! This is a great idea! Google Play, iHeart Radio or CastBox would be great for the podcast. Thanks for doing this. I agree that 30 to 60 min would be a good length and having it be variable would be fine.


Good call Sue, I made sure we’re included in CastBox. Never heard of that one before, the proliferation of podcast apps now is almost overwhelming!


Spotify should probably join the list as they are doing podcasts now


Digging in to Spotify, apparently they don’t do podcasts yet (unless you go thru an aggregator which costs $…think Tunecore). I’m seeing posts of content creators asking them to make this change, so I’ll be on the lookout. Keep the suggestions coming!



Saw this earlier tonight. Seemed relevant.


Just listened to the first 2 episodes yesterday. From a recruiting standpoint, learning about all of those certs was very helpful. Excited to see where this goes!


Thanks for listening and for all of the tips and suggestions for us to improve! I came to be a lucky part of this thing called Agile Uprising just two months ago now. I started out by being regular a listener to the podcasts, just like you. I have a 45+ minute commute in a car each way for work, and I was already consuming podcast content from a variety of topics. I found the Agile Manifesto series via promotion from Martin Fowler and it blew my mind! I was literally moved to tears, being a semi-old dude from the pre-2001 agile era, and hearing about the original intentions straight from the original signatories, and how we need to get back to basics. Then I listen to the other podcasts and, wow! The back-to-basics, no-holds-barred vibe is everywhere and it so perfect for me! I reached out and offered to help, and now here I am playing with a group of other very experienced agilists and having an absolute blast!

Any other comments or suggestions for improving our distribution and reach, our content quality, etc. are welcomed and appreciated!


I put most of the tips from into our backlog for future experiments. Great post - thanks, Brad!