Agile2017 - anyone attending?


I’ll be there - my company is sponsoring a booth. We plan on doing some Agilists-On-The-Street videos for an “Agile Center of Excellence” we’re building out. If you’re there, we’d love to chat…


@thostaylor As luck would have it I know a few of us on the board will be speaking there that week. Myself, @Scrummando and @mccallam2 specifically.

I know we can’t be the only ones here attending though. Would be excited to have an informal meet up one evening there too if people are interested.


Let’s do it!


I will be there as well. Will be great to meet you!


I will be there and hope to meet you all.

*Edit: I’ll be at the Deloitte Consulting booth


I wish I could attend. I will have to miss this one. I am sure this will be a great conference!


I will be there as well.


I’ll be there, but I am working on the staff, esp. Wed and Thu.


I will be there. We will have a booth. 2 people from MATRIX will be speaking on Holistic Agile. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Hi Everyone, I will be there along with some of other uprising board members. We should take this opportunity to meet one another face to face. Perhaps an informal Happy Hour somewhere in the resort or lunch one day. Thoughts?


How about a meet & greet at 7 pm at the Pega booth in the sponsor area)? - we can peel for that informal Happy Hour idea…


Cool. What day were you thinking?


Let’s go for Monday


Sounds good let’s use this thread to figure out where!


Pega, my company, has a booth in the exhibitor hall. We’re planning on doing short videos with the Agile community.

The Coalition is welcome to meet at our booth. Maybe I can snag some videos of those interested & then…?