Agile2019 DC - Who's gonna be there?


Hey there, peeps.

@chrismurman and I are going to be at Agile2019 DC all week Aug 5-9

Would love to catch up with anybody who’s part of this wild and crazy experiment we call the Coalition.

Maybe a happy hour after a day’s sessions and before the big ol’ sponsor evening shindigs.

(Chris says he’ll buy rounds if you get him tipsy enough… )

He’s also got something wonderful going on Friday afternoon if you’ll still be around… He or I will provide details shortly.



Friday, August 9 • 09:00 - 10:15:

“So…You Want To Submit To Be A Speaker”

If you’re like me, you’ve submitted lots of abstracts to conferences (including this one) and been disappointed to be on the list of those not selected. Your idea was solid. Colleagues supported you through the submission process. And it wasn’t enough to be on the short list of speakers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what the submission process is like for a program team.
  • Demonstrate the mechanics of a great headline, abstract, and learning objectives.
  • Give the proper context to your topic to the program team.
  • Learn new avenues to discover new topics to submit abstracts about.
  • Take advantage of feedback from track chairs.


I’ll be there would love to try and catch up with some of the other coalition folks who will be attending. Looking forward to the conference as it’s the first time I’ve gone in years.


I’m braving all 5 days… plus coaches camp before hand and Women in Agile.

I fully expect I’ll need weeks to recover !!!

See ya there @tgalloway - and ignore @chrismurman 's twitter denials, he is buying all the rounds during our AU Happy Hour.


What twitter denials? I saw nothing. :wink: See you there @andycleff!


Hey Andy, I’d love to meet up with some Philly folks at the conference. (All non-PHL’s too)


Thinking Tuesday happy hour… 5:30 ish… National Past Time Bar/Grille?


Sounds reasonable to me. I’ll work to stop by!


Sounds great! Will stop by. I have a red dress with birds on it.


I’ll be over in about 20ish minutes. I’ll have my black Rally shirt on (or is it a CA / Broadcom shirt, who knows! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I wore a red dress AND a black shirt. Photos to follow.


@Shana, @andycleff Nice meeting both of you and talking at the conference! Hope you both have been having a good post conference return to the real world. :slight_smile: