Amitai's summer 2018 coding tour


This summer in Germany, I’m going on a coding tour! So far I have stops planned at companies in

  • Nürnberg
  • Nürnberg again
  • Edinburgh (even though most reasonable people agree this is pretty much not in Germany)

I have a few more slots open in the schedule. Are you in Germany? Know someone who is? Here’s more info on me, my coding tour, and getting in touch.


If you ever decide to add Australia to one of these trips. Let me know.


Can this trip stop off at my house?


Will do (or if I hear of someone code-touring Australia).


Can your house be in Germany?


@schmonz how is the summer tour going ?


Pretty good! I’ve visited three workplaces so far. My observations:

I’ve also given a bunch of talks along the way.

Two more companies to go: one in Edinburgh and another in both Nuremberg and Munich (that’ll be a fun week). Presenting at meetups in both places there too.

Right now I’m on a three-week break chasing my 1-year-old around the house. :slight_smile:


Tour’s over. In a few days we’ll be back home in New York. Here are my reflections on the summer and what’s next.