AU 1 year on feedback


Hey guys, just heard the cast and I laughed along the whole way. So feedback from a community member.

I love this place and would love to see more active users on the coalition. I worry at times that as a vocal user, I scare others away. I’m not sure how invite others through to the point of contribution. The depth of knowledge and willingness to share is amazing.

With the board: are you planning to extend the board to contain both a more diverse and international membership? You don’t have just a US base anymore and your listeners aren’t all male.

Honestly, up the good. Give it the space and time to grow. Finalise the logo and sell us some stickers. Your members don’t mind supporting you, we want the uprising to run the marathon and go the distance with us.

The inner circle... you

Hmmm… where to begin. How about with a hearty thanks, @bradstokes !

scare others away

I know I speak for all of the crazies on our board: we love your level of contribution, and hope a few others who we know are ‘lurking’ would be less bashful.

I personally don’t think your level of input should scare others away. But I’m not sure…

Others coalition members: please chime in… what gets in the way of more contribution to the discourse here on the coalition site?

planning to extend the board

We’d love to expand. Beyond a bunch of white, chubby, males. Well, @Leanleff is an outlier. He’s fit. Oh, and @Colleen she’s got ovaries… but yeah we are open willing and welcoming to whoever is interested in participating… Our “Constitution” is here: - if anyone reading is interested we’d love to hear from you. Our hazing process is quite painless. You just have to be able to outrun all seven of @JayHorsecow’s German shepherds on the agility course in his backyard.

If you haven’t met us in person:

Finalise the logo

Oh, don’t go there… the wounds from our last round of internal logo reviews haven’t healed…

supporting the AU

We haven’t really figured out the model yet… we are pondering some ideas… things like:


Yep, this was exactly what I was thinking when I listened. It was a great episode and I really enjoyed the candid review of the first year. I’d be very keen to attend a conference / unconference if the curation / content is similar to what is happening on the podcast.


Quite frankly it was too funny not to mention, I’m a front end dev, you can imagine my experiences over the years. Lol


Best line ever. I wasn’t discounting the ovaries, simply noting the imbalance. I am also a white male, so don’t help much here. I’m glad it is on the radar.


@Jen re: FailCon

We are trying to see if we can get something organized for Mar / April 2018
Likely Philly area, might also be NYC…


Couple of thoughts here…

I wouldn’t worry about “scaring” others away, we’re looking for active contributors so no harm there, we welcome it. We’d welcome suggestions for experiments to drive more discussion on the site.

Believe it or not we have had the diversity discussion numerous times and we are welcome to it, we just haven’t had many come forward expressing interest.

International expansion is a pet project of ours, we have a few board members looking at experiments. Truth be told (hopefully not giving too much away here) instead of having international members on our board we’d prefer multiple boards in different international areas; so instead of having a BoD made up of 12 members from various continents we’d have multiple boards representing different countries/continents…then we all collaborate and work together, sortof like a hive mind (or “bad hombre” cells :slight_smile: ). We’re open to suggestions as we’d like to expand the footprint.

At this point I think we keep the logo because the story just keeps getting better; many of us have ordered stickers thru StickerMule, let me see if we can make that public. Worst case we share the PNG and anyone can make all the swag their heart desires! Actually it matches our ethos if people take it upon themselves to come up with stuff, the crazier the better!


Oh, f’ing great @JayHorsecow you had to mention the T-cell word. Now the NSA is going to be all over our shit.

Remember - this is all an experiment. We have no map. We barely have a compass.

Self-organization, self-management, self-selection, autonomy are our guiding values.

Amplify the good, learn from the “fails”

My graphic that I keep sharing w teams, from M3.000-Poster (1)

Success-and-Failure-v1.00-Poster (1).pdf (562.3 KB)


Sticker mule killed off their “make it public” option… :frowning:

Here’s the artwork:


It is a noted problem in both the IT and Agile industry. Google has indeed grappled with this problem. Including using nudges and the infamous employee outpouring that I won’t bother to post.

The question is: how do you start? I’d love to see something happening in AU. What about considering sister/brother organisations like the Agile Alliance Australia with very synergistic goals? Have you looked at ways these organisations could cross pollinate with AU?

:smiley: Swag is great. Swag that supports the AU is better, but stickers are always welcome.

Really love this place.


I had a dream over the weekend about the AU being like the Son of Anarchy Motorcycles gang (FX Tv series). Chapters everywhere united under one mission, values and getting together to party from time to time.
I really need to get a life…


If you could answer that we’d be so grateful :smile: . We have also bandied around other ideas (AU Ambassadors, for one) but keeping in the spirit of our mission we’d love to hear suggestions!