AU Discord server is now live!


We’ve heard your feedback and are ready to experiment! In an effort to expand the conversation we have spun up a Discord server; it’s much like Slack but also offers voice and video, for those looking to have conversations and and discussions in real time… Have an idea you’d like to run by someone? Maybe some coaching advice? Hop in and join the dialog!


I joined the Discord server yesterday and it’s gone today. :frowning:


Still shows up for me… What are you seeing?


Nothing. Server removed from my list. Trying to get back via website link says says invite invalid.

Did I get banned for asking questions?


Lol not a chance! I’ll pm you an Invite, give me a few mins…


@everyone In case you haven’t joined, you might want to check this out! There’s a discussion going on right now around “how do you define your ‘agile toolkit’…and what’s in it?”. Hop on in and join the conversation!