Can you help promote the Coalition?


We are looking to better build this community. So we are asking the existing team members with your help to promote the community to your networks as we continue to push via the Agile Uprising twitter and at conferences/events. Something as simple as a tweet with a link, a linkedin post, or leveraging the Invite and/or Share buttons at the bottom of any thread will help us build out our community.

In our latest board meeting, we set a goal of having 200 registered members by the end of September. Would you be willing to help us reach this goal? :hugging:


Beyond promotion, help us engage your network. This community is meant to be a collection of the next generation of agile minds, and to join - all you need is curiosity and passion. We do not care if you’ve only heard about Agile, and never been a Practitioner - this is an open forum to learn, engage, and share.

If you are a grizzled agile vet with scars to show for it, invite either your favorite current Scrum Master, a leader that helped pave your path into this career, or even your favorite coach.

There more folks we have, the more elevated our community collective intelligence will be.

Feedback welcomed!!


I just joined a few minutes ago, but reading through the various topics, I am enjoying them and learning so much, I have already sent your URL to a couple of my colleagues and told them to join. This is an awesome community!


Thank you @w1zdmckr!! Keep us growing!!!


I have already recommended the coalition to lots of our contacts in the NY Metro area, especially the education community. Would like to see that group grow. It’s a perfect opportunity to lead positive change.


In order to help promote the Agile Coalition, I will be including a blurb about Agile Coalition in this Wednesday’s edition of the This Agile Life Gazette. Look for it late on Wednesday afternoon at

John Sextro


That is awesome @johnsextro!!!

One thing I have noticed is adding a link to the coalition in social bios has been effective in spreading the word too :slight_smile:


Assuming I can make it to the meeting tomorrow I’ll give a shout out to the coalition at the Denver Scrum Masters guild meeting. :slight_smile:


Definitely have mentioned it on Twitter and LinkedIn. Sponsoring Big Apple Scrum Day on May 1. Great opportunity.