Certified Agile Leader (CAL) Training Review


Originally published at: http://www.agileuprising.com/certified-agile-leader-cal-training-review/
I am a cynic. My cynicism is sometimes aggressive in nature. When I heard this year the Scrum Alliance was rolling out a new “Agile Leadership Certification“, I nearly had steam rolling off my bald head. I struggle with the idea of telling a relative n00b that they are a Scrum Master after two days,…



I attended Michael Sahota’s 1st-ever CAL session. Loved it. I have no problem spending 2 days in a room with brilliant and curious people – if a certification is also derived from the investment, all the better.


I think that is one of the points I tried to drive home in the article. But the larger point was my desire to connect my executives with the CAL, specifically my instructor @donmac. I had that discussion yesterday, now my fingers are crossed the execs follow up.


Appreciate the feedback on this cert. Certainly didn’t end the way I was expecting.

Having 3 certs from SA, I have no room to complain about people seeking more of them. I often get ribbed from co-workers on the amount of letters after my name in LinkedIn. As an industry, rolling out more and more letters can be concerning, but we have bigger fish to fry than this.

I feel like this training I have the opportunity to do through my own networking and collaboration with the community. Whether its pairing with someone on a conference abstract, blogging/interacting on social media, or attending conferences, there are many ways to teach each other in the agile community.

Rising tides and all that jazz.

Granted, if someone feels intimidated to reach out and go after this on their own…this could be helpful to get them connected with a helpful voice. However, I think going after my own learning and self-experimentation is paramount to being an Agile Leader and I would encourage more of us to do the same. :slight_smile: