Certified Scrum Master training in Philly October 4/5. 30% off for Coalition members!


Interesting in becoming a certified scrum master? Or just want to brush up on scrum and agile knowledge?

I’ll be Co-Training the CSM course with Dave Prior from Leading Agile October 4th and 5th. Dave is a fantastic trainer with extensive real world experience spanning over 20 years. Dave has offered coalition members $395 off of the CSM course if you use the promo code UPRISING .


Here are the details of the course…

Course Description:

LeadingAgile’s Certified ScrumMaster Training course is a hands-on two-day learning experience. The course is divided up by four Sprints in order to allow participants to fully immerse themselves in the Scrum framework. The learning modules for the course are listed in a Product Backlog that is prioritized by the participants at the start of each Sprint. Over the course of two days, attendees will work through four iterations experiencing every step of the Scrum workflow. Each module includes group and/or individual exercises to reinforce the learning and help provide the participants with concrete practice in using Scrum. Along the way, the instructor will provide numerous examples and stories about what happens when you step out of the classroom and practice Scrum in the wild.

Who Should Attend?

The course is a great fit for anyone new to Scrum or who has been practicing it in the field and needs to reacquaint themselves with the Scrum framework.

And if you are coming from a traditional (waterfall) background are skeptical about, or struggling with getting your head around Agile, this class is for you. Because of the instructor’s experiences with transitioning from traditional project management over to Agile, he takes special care to try and pave an easier way for the participants who are struggling with adopting Agile.

Course Agenda

This class covers all required material for CSM as well as some additional Agile topics that are beneficial to the conversation. The focus is on providing the participants with practical tools and techniques they can use in their work as a ScrumMaster. In addition to the topics listed below, participants will have the option of adding topics of their own choosing as time allows. This course covers all the content required for Certified ScrumMaster Certification as defined by the Scrum Alliance here.

Agenda includes (but is not limited to)

Agile and Scrum Basics
Scrum Roles
Scrum Meetings
Scrum Artifacts
Definition of Done
Scrum Tracking and Reporting
User Stories
Product Vision
Agile Planning
Prioritization Techniques
Agile Estimation
Course Notes

If you have any questions about this class or our instructor, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We are always happy to talk to prospective students.

Class begins at 9 AM and will run until 5 PM both days
Lunch will be provided
Participants are required to be fully engaged in all class activities in order to qualify for Certified ScrumMaster. Students who miss more than 1 hour of class time will not be eligible for the certification
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be required to successfully complete the Scrum Alliance CSM Assessment test as a final step to receiving their certification
Participants who complete this course qualify for 14 PDUs


Thanks @troy. I will be attending. This is one of the wonderful things the Coalition has to offer. Great portal into info…