Challenging bias in your agile practice


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Let’s challenge the myth that you are capable of discovering objective truth and think without bias. You cannot be unbiased. Every decision you make and every metric you choose will have some measure of bias. Your brain is a bias making machine. An article by Andy Cleff summarises some of the work out there on…



@bradstokes & @andycleff - thank you both for your posts here. I have become more aware of these psychological studies in the last several years and have been thinking for a long time how they affect project delivery. Your posts and articles spurred some thoughts which I have finally captured in an article of my own on the topic. I published it on LinkedIn Pulse and have linked back to your article and post.


Awesome post @pascal8888 !

Anybody up for a podcast discussion sometime in Feb on the topic of Biases?


Big time. Count me in. Great article @pascal8888

It was good enough to read twice.

I have to say one of the hardest mistakes I have made and make is giving in to the “Sunk costs fallacy”.

One of my own experiences was a with a library I chose and recommended based on the information we had at the time. In retrospect the initial decision was a mistake.18 months later we are starting to pull free.

It takes a certain degree of courage to face those decisions and learn from them, but the three steps you mention of resisting unrealistic hopefulness, being honest and transparent, and capturing the value are a great place to start.

There were lots more great points, but this one resonated with me quite strongly. Thank you