Change the culture by changing habbits


Whilst the idea of the “Power Pose” has largely been discredited, the idea of action leading attitude is reasonably well documented. There have been replicable studies on the effects of smiling for instance.

Do you think this falls into the same category? Is it always action first?

I know even though I work in a field of “dealing with change”, I still find change difficult. It is an act of will to try something out first before making a judgment. I’ve progressed to the point, I have often discovered unexpected benefits along the way, but it is still an act of will.

Once my habits have settled on the new course of action, I’m ok.

I’ve heard it said that culture is the worst thing that a leader will allow. Are these things always based in habit? I’m not so sure. Still an interesting read. In what other ways do you see culture change occurring?