Core Principles (Jim and Michele McCarthy)


Has anyone done any experimenting with the Core Principles by Jim and Michele McCarthy? I’m doing a little more reading on it. It looks interesting. I love the idea of the check-in being a thing but haven’t tried anything like it. It sounds very reminiscent of a mood board.


I’ve read a little bit. Dabbled in it with some coaching groups I’m part of.

However, it hasn’t fit my dev-team culture well… at least not approaching it head on.

Obliquely perhaps.


I’ve used Check-In/ Check-Out protocols as well as Decider and Perfection game both with development teams as well as volunteering teams. Works really well. Here is a slightly better organized version of the Core Protocols:
Richard Kasperowski does a lot of work in this area as well.
Happy to answer more questions


I’m super interested. I was listening to Richard talk about the principles, he inspired this post. He mentioned using the perfection game for retros. How has your adoption within a team been?


I just found a description of using the perfection game in a retro. Thank you.


I’d add that some of the Core Protocols strongly dovetail with the techniques from Agile Coaching Institute’s bootcamps.