Crowd-sourcing and co-design at speed and scale


So week before last I had a pretty good day. I’ve written it up and published on Linkedin - but basically it involved a technology transformation strategy, a play, a variation of a think / act / feel board, about 700 post-it notes, and 250 contributors. In 25 minutes we had a co-created change roadmap for 6 different divisions. Crazy.

I think it’s worth sharing the key take-outs

  • The technology leaders were very open and committed to empowering their people to tell their stories in their own way. This means the future state messaging resonated with the audience
  • The CIO was very explicit about change and that was the focus. That provided certainty to the employees.
  • The use of humour meant that people were enjoying themselves and more engaged (fun is very much part of the corporate culture)
  • We maintained a principle of semi-control (these are the principles of how to do it, and here’s what we want to achieve) you do it your way.
  • The temporary and portable nature of post it notes meant MORE was contributed than would be gained through formal interviews (might as well put it up, doesn’t really matter).
  • We were constrained by time which upped the energy levels (hustle!).

But above all else, I am curious to hear of other tales of co-design at speed and scale. Are there more examples out there that can be shared so this doesn’t fall into the “she got lucky” bucket? Most of the crowd sourcing / co-design interventions I know of typically are 2-3 day affairs…


Wow. All this in 25 minutes!!! Impressive.

I’m tempted to raise the bar… what could you do in 12.5 mins ???

Joking aside, what a wonderful day… can you bottle it and send me a few liters?


:smiley: it does indeed beg the question doesn’t it - to what extent can we do micro change at macro impact!