Culture and Methods 2019 from InfoQ


There’s some great quotes in this that echo what many of us are saying…

“We still see too much emphasis on changing the name of practices rather than genuinely changing organizational behavior and culture.”

" Many organizations are embarking on “Digital Transformation”, and it is often the same organization which has undergone two or three “Agile Transformations” in the past without seeing the promised benefits. We believe that this is because the adoption is often implemented to “pay lip-service” to the idea, and is shallow rather than truly transformational."

" The strong technical practices from eXtreme Programming are still the exception rather than the norm in early and late majority firms."

That last one directly correlates to failed /stalled transformations IMO.


A few points that resonate for me:

Pragmatic approaches meshing agile, DevOps etc. YES!! DevOps continues the change the Agile Manifesto started IMHO.

Closely related is calming the methodology, branding wars. Free the people from Method Prisons!

Organization and Culture Design are essential. To quote Demming “A bad system will beat a good person every time”. Change the organization, change the system, change how decisions are made!