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@jasonlittle shared a post on linked in, originally by Mario Lucero.

A 1 hour talk by Prof. Dave Snowden “Agile by Example”

Snowden touches on many many things…

  • frameworks vs methodologies
  • apex market predators
  • the coffee alcohol cycle
  • cognitive biases

And much more.

We’re working on getting the Professor on a podcast.

Watch the video, then let us know some topics, questions, quarrels you’d like to have…


Wow! 4 min. in and he attacks “Good to Great” !


Thanks for sharing this… blew my mind, great ideas… and unfortunately, many people aren’t ready to hear it yet.


I’ve lined the Professor up for a June 11 podcast recording session; if you have ideas/questions… fire away before then.


One of the best talks that breaks problem environments down as they are, vs how they would try to get them to fit into known methodologies. The commoditization of agile is certainly a sign of a coming disruption on the horizon.


I just rewatched this, and every time I do I take something new away. Prof. Snowden is a genius. And in his points around “don’t set an ideal state and march towards it, analyze your current state and suggest changes as you progress”…are we doing transformations wrong?


At the 50 minute mark, he talks about techniques to train users to talk to geeks but doesn’t share what those techniques are. I’d be interested in hearing about what he’s borrowing from. I’d also love to hear more stories about the triple 8 method and in what circumstances it would work, where it wouldn’t, and what kinds of expectations/constraints placed around it.


Anybody ever take the course offered thru Cognitive Edge? Sounds fascinating, and I really want to learn more about this…