Days when you just wanted to laugh or cry!


I’m sure most people have done Agile transformations over many companies and come across the crazy question or statements, amusing conversations or just days you wanted to give up! Share the stories or quotes here, how you responded and/or lessons you learnt.

I’ll start with one of my favourite quotes:

Velocity and story points are often a little tricky for a team and Product Owner (who are new to Scrum) to gain a quick understanding of. If your new Product Owner has come from Project management, they love to take velocity figures and add various forms of Excel formulas to use as a basis for project plans.

One Product Owner even proudly presented a plan to the team (thankfully before publication) showing that we simply had to double the velocity every sprint for the next 6 sprints, then we would meet the release date! Prompting one developer to state “Double the Velocity……….it’s not Final fantasy!! You don’t Level up!”

For me this was a partial victory, the team and especially one developer has grasped story points and velocity, the Product Owner still needed a little more coaching!


Oh wait… This isn’t normal? Man I have been doing things wrong… :wink: story made me chuckle. Have been in this situation more times than I would like to remember… :slight_smile:


This one has been under my skin since I saw it on twitter last week :frowning:


That’s about right @ryan … I hate the brand of agile corporate America is slinging too. It all velocity, points, and making money selling snake oil.

My quote of the day letting our current leadership design an agile organization is like letting Amish design modern highways.