Dixit Retrospective


One of the cool things I learned at Agile coaching camp was Dixit retros.

Dixit is a kids game which you can buy locally or on amazon. The premise is…

You lay out the cards on a table. The team goes over and find the card which represent how they felt about the sprint. Whats amazing is the insights each card generates. I wasn’t sure how it would work but was really blown away but what came out of it and how fast!

After they pick their card, they stand up and tell their story using the card as a reference.

Here is a more formal way to do it: http://www.agilelearninglabs.com/2013/07/dixit-sprint-retrospective-game/

Some examples…

Your Favorite Agile Retrospectives. POST THEM HERE AND LETS BUILD THE ULTIMATE LIST by Troy Lightfoot

This is an interesting Retrospective idea. How many team members has anyone tried this with? I’d think it would take quite some time to execute the game for more than one trip around the table with a team much larger than 5-6. Thoughts?


We did this with 15 people in 30 minutes!


Oh wow that’s awesome. Now I really want to try it! :grin: