Do #Agile and #Scrum Alliances foster a #Culture of #Innovation? by #AgileMinder


Are Agile Scrum politics impacting innovative thinking? [poll max=2 public=true]

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During this past year Gartner Inc. Symposium / ITxpo, the World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives, the results from the July 2016 Gartner Financial Services Innovation Survey was shared with participants. According to this survey, what was cited as the biggest threat to innovation? Was it a) technology b) revenue c) not being agile or d) none of the above?

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Politics are what they are. Do not blame people’s inability to understand a philosophy (such as agile) or a framework (such as Scrum) on anything other than those responsible. That’s much like blaming the water for one’s inability to swim.

Cargo cults are often founded in sheep think alliances.