Feedback needed 🙏 Retro Outcomes Canvas



I’m currently working on a Retro Canvas, but to focus on the outcomes, eg to use at the end of the retro by the Scrum Master.

It’s still a work in progress, and I’d really like your feedback about it, especially if you find any value from it. See the attached file below.

If anyone would use it at their next Retro, that’d be great!


Retrospective_Outcomes_canvas_v1.1.pdf (184.4 KB)


I think this is an interesting exercise. It’s good to think about what you want out of retros.

In practice, this feels a bit formal and might not be as effective as it looks on paper.

I like having discussions and affirmations during a retro (we agree that this practice is helping us and we want to continue) and I like to discuss ways in which we can improve our work. Then we pick one thing that we will focus on for the next iteration.

Have you tried your canvas during retros? What have you observed?


Thanks for the feedback, it’s interesting.

I used only once for now, as it’s new. I use the left part as some coaching diary to introspect and reflect on what happened at the Retro, eg not rushing to the next task.

I use the right part (action items) mostly to log what’s need to be done, and I’ll check them at the next retro.


So is this a tool for the Scrum Master/Facilitator to reflect on after the retro? Or is it for the team to fill out and reflect?

I could see this as useful for an SM to use for their own purpose. As to my first comment, it is an interesting exercise.


It’s designed for the SM/Facilitator, I’ll improve it to make it clearer :raised_hands:


I like that it provides space for people to say how happy they are with the retrospective and what can be done to improve retrospectives. That’s a retro on the retro!