Feedback wanted - Retro Canvas


Retrospective Facilitators Canvas v0.2.pdf (97.0 KB)

Hey folks - As our community gravitates towards the use of canvases of all types, and having done a deep dive on retros back in the spring, I drafted the attached. Would appreciate any feedback that y’all might have. I’ll point out a) this is really intended for the use of the retro facilitator, not the group doing the retro & b) it owes a big tip of the hat to the work of Diana Larsen and Esther Derby.


Hello and thanks for sharing this nice 2 pages synthesis. I could definitely have a use for it. Have a great day!


Retro Facilitator Canvas v0.3.pdf (2.2 MB)
Great catches… corrected in the updated version.


Hi Tom @thostaylor, I like it very much. I really like your inclusion of “establishing intent” as a preparatory step. A really good set of reminder questions for the facilitator/SM. One question - if they have access to data informing the Retro’s conversation might this also be compiled here? S


Hi @symon - Sure! Personally, I think one of the biggest challenges with data is knowing what’s going to be meaningful in the course of the retro. While the facilitator definitely can curate the data ahead of time (to your point of including it under intent), pre-selected data might miss the mark with the team.

Easy picks for data in Scrum: Velocity, and/or Burn-down Meeting Sprint Goals, Assessment of past retro actions. Review of Stories completed. Impediments. I also like a committed/delivered %. Not to say that sticking with easy data points is necessarily the way to go… I also think that with some teams data and impressions/sentiment can mingle.