Fly high retrospective

This looks quite interesting… Anybody tried it?

Situation: There are certain problems that can be dealt with at the team level and some that need to be escalated outside the team for better and quicker resolution. A kite-flying experience would resemble this scenario well. Knots and tangles closer to the reel of twine can be managed by the kite-flyer himself. However, if the kite is stuck between polls and posts, it needs help from a neighbour in a building closer to the post and some tools (like a stick) to free the kite.

Length of time:
60 min

Draw a kite on the board and ask the team to imagine the kite as the good work that they have been doing. Encourage the team to write sticky notes to : 1. Identify the good work they have been doing so far and that they would like to continue doing 2. Identify team-level impediments that they could resolve themselves, provided they really work on them 3. Identify impediments that need escalation to the next level because they require support from the organization or senior management for resolution Teams would be easily able to draw a clear line of distinction between the team-level impediments and those that needed escalation to the next level.


Love it.

At the core, there’s the “in our control” vs “not in our control” visualization that so many teams need.

One question I’d explore:

  • Do we want to escalate?
  • Or do we want to gain control?


@bradstokes I’ve used this one in the past with a team that was really struggling with problems they could could control and those they needed help from their friends in other areas of the company. It worked very well with this team to help them better articulate what they had control over themselves vs what they really needed external help with.