Just heard this and I love it. FOCUS as an acrostic


I had to share. FOCUS on the highest Business Value and make it happen. Then move on.


I would challenge this. What if the highest business value item is proven to be wrong? With that mindset, you would miss early indications the team is creating waste and missing other high-value opportunity.


Nice. Thank you for the challenge. :smiley:

I thought it was great, but that doesn’t mean I got it right. I admit I like the idea of pushing an idea to fruition. Business value shifts. I’m not going to put blinkers on. I admit I was thinking of team and short term focus.

You are right. I want to help make people awesome. If I can focus on that, I guess I’m adding value, hmm… I might have to think this through a little more.


See, you already are adapting :+1:

I love the insights and passion you share here, it keeps my brain churning :slight_smile:


Agreed. Inspecting and adapting is key!


I printed this and put it at my desk. Thanks Brad.


If the object of FOCUS no longer represents the highest business value, then Brad’s “FOCUS on the highest Business Value and make it happen. Then move on.” allows for moving on?

Also depends on your definition of success, I guess.

I do like that it promotes “finishing” something and then moving on. As opposed to starting many things and not finishing any.