GetKanban Game, free online tonight at 11pm EST. Do you want to join?


I have participated in the before but never facilitated it. Monday morning I am facilitating the online version and in order to prep I thought i’d practice with anyone interested.

“The getKanban Board Game is designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban for software development in a class or workshop setting. It’s hands-on, engaging, and fun!”

If interested just reply to this thread, i’ll post a google hangout link.


I’m in, if not too late…


You want to do it now?


That was very cool. Thank you. I’m keen to play again at some point. It was great.


No Problem, thanks for participating!


I’ve been reflecting on this. Are the “events” in the board game similarly constrained or do they change from game to game? I’d love to see how it plays out when the system conditions have the possibility of different changes.

I admit, I’ve bought a few credits just to test out some different paths.


The Events are always the same. I have played it multiple times to best my score and see if I can increase my flow. So far I’ve maxed out at 2850 in the online game.