GitScrum - It´s free for small teams!


High performance project management, agile and gamification tool.
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What do you think? Let’s talk a little bit about this software?

Jira vs the World

Trello is free for many more users, but doesn’t have the added scrum charts, etc. I think the application of this as a freemium tool is too limited before being forced to pay, most company budgets will end up trying Trello and handroll the charts in excel before investing in this. And if they invest in this, they are likely to fall into the Jira galaxy knowing the options are more open for not that much more money.

It could be a great tool, but charging after 4 users isn’t going to get folks like me through the first conversation in most companies I’ve worked for.


Great! But the 4 users option is for small teams. For larger teams just invite 5 people and you can use with 20 free users for 1 year.
Thanks for your feedback.


I’m confused… Trello is free for unlimited users and unlimited boards at it’s base level.
You say you can use GitScrum with 20 users for free for 1 year, but the site here ( implies it is $7.19 per user per mo. (on yearly pay plan) between 5-10 users. Does the website not match reality?

Also… I don’t understand the usage of “gamification” on the website. A burndown is standard Scrum, and the other supporting image for that section isn’t explained. How does GitScrum “gamify” the process more than common agile patterns?


You can use GitScrum with 20 users for free for a year indicating the software for 5 emails that sign up. If the person does not want to make the appointment, there is the option of payment.
Gamification is in the user’s Profile part. Where we will have the productivity of each member of the team, assisting the manager in the management and meritocracy of the team, knowing the members of the team with greater prominence.
The software is in Alpha version but with evolutions and new features being made available daily.


The site should show some videos of this in action… if we hadn’t had this conversation, I wouldn’t have known any of this. (and I’m curious how this gamified user profile works).


Yes, we will have it soon. Thanks for the feedback.


I’m going to second Kevin on this. Certainly one of the interesting questions is why gamification matters. Gamification was tipped to hit the peak of the hype cycle a couple of years ago and I admit, from what I can see the talk of gamification has died down a little.

I’m interested in why you think that this is what teams need right now? How is a gamified team system better than just a simple kanban board? How can the metrics-based monitoring skew results in both a positive and negative way?


We did some research and as a result was identified a great lack of managers to be able to follow the individual performance of the team and their respective productivities. This lack of information generates difficulties for team incentives and meritocracy.
The gamificación as we bring in the software, helps the managers to make this management of the team.
Thanks for the feedback


“individual performance” vs. “team incentives”

ummm… this raises some concerns.

Can you share the research to help us understand?


The research was qualitative, we contacted some scrum masters and agile coaches to understand some needs and difficulties of the day to day. Many have pointed out the difficulty in having indicators for team management.


Sorry, Rodrigo,

Are you tracking team metrics or individuals WITHIN a given team? I’m not sure I have it straight.

What are you specifically trying to do? Are you tracking how a team is performing as a whole or are you trying to single out ‘poor performers’ in the team?

I know gamification works for many individuals to engage them. Others find it a turn off.

How do you account for individuals who are “gaming the system” and others who are kicking butt, but don’t want to engage with such a tool?

Metrics are a tricky thing. If you are tracking people will work to a measure, but this doesn’t mean you have measured something worthwhile. What do you think makes the tool meaningful?