Great examples of Agile outside IT


Hi, I’m involved in my organisation’s agile transformation where the ambition is that teams beyond IT are using agile ways-of-working for stuff beyond IT / system changes. BUT…all the pre-canned / readily-available training and awareness material is very IT-focused.

Anyone got some really compelling examples of non-IT use of agile they can share?



yes, not so many good resources :frowning:.
But article Kanban and Flow Patterns in Sales, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources by Alexei Zheglov, where he summarize his experience, could help in your endeavor ;). Alexei is one of the first Kanban pioneers and profound thinkers.


Found this earlier today, might be helpful:


Here’s one on using Kanban to run a small business with no IT involvement. Ping me if you’d like to know more.


Hi Yehor - there’s a lot to unpack from that article, including some really useful, and reusable, concepts. Thank you!


Thanks Jay - great to have an example from a big name organisation that folk outside of IT will have heard of.


Thank you Joey - some great examples in here (especially the HR recruitment delivery visualisation).


Hi Donald - I run Agile for non techies programs with my partner Lena Ross. This year we worked with VMware Global HR team and in our coaching calls got quite a lot of examples of how they are using the principles and agile activities / ceremonies within HR. Locally (Australia) we’ve worked with Honda, Mercer Financial services. There’s now quite a few case studies published on Agile HR - ING comes to mind, I’ll have a few others, I’ll get the list and send to you.


Hi Jen - that would be superb!

Many thanks, Donald