Great examples of Agile outside IT


Hi, I’m involved in my organisation’s agile transformation where the ambition is that teams beyond IT are using agile ways-of-working for stuff beyond IT / system changes. BUT…all the pre-canned / readily-available training and awareness material is very IT-focused.

Anyone got some really compelling examples of non-IT use of agile they can share?



yes, not so many good resources :frowning:.
But article Kanban and Flow Patterns in Sales, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources by Alexei Zheglov, where he summarize his experience, could help in your endeavor ;). Alexei is one of the first Kanban pioneers and profound thinkers.


Found this earlier today, might be helpful:


Here’s one on using Kanban to run a small business with no IT involvement. Ping me if you’d like to know more.


Hi Yehor - there’s a lot to unpack from that article, including some really useful, and reusable, concepts. Thank you!


Thanks Jay - great to have an example from a big name organisation that folk outside of IT will have heard of.


Thank you Joey - some great examples in here (especially the HR recruitment delivery visualisation).


Hi Donald - I run Agile for non techies programs with my partner Lena Ross. This year we worked with VMware Global HR team and in our coaching calls got quite a lot of examples of how they are using the principles and agile activities / ceremonies within HR. Locally (Australia) we’ve worked with Honda, Mercer Financial services. There’s now quite a few case studies published on Agile HR - ING comes to mind, I’ll have a few others, I’ll get the list and send to you.


Hi Jen - that would be superb!

Many thanks, Donald


Okey dokes start googling… (because I have them printed out)

River Island - Senior Leadership (
Agile Performance Management - Bill Thomas, SHRM (May 11 2018)
Roche - Gartner / CEB, Q&A with Margaret Greenleaf
DESAI Transformation - Agile HR Change Strategy for Top 3 Telecom Company
HR Goes Agile: a case study in BBVA (
HBR - Transformation at ING (2018)
Agile & HR - VistaPrint
HBR |HR goes Agile (capelli and Tavis)

The trick is search the term agile and function that is outside of IT eg procurement, accounting, marketing etc and search by function on the Business Agility Institute’s library.

Search also using US spelling and UK spelling :wink: or Australian spelling…

Have fun!