Harrisburg Agile Summit | May, 1 2017


I will be speaking at the Harrisburg University Agile Summit on May 1. Also speaking are Coalition members @Jon, @mccallam2, @Todd and our meetup speaker Bob Payne. Tickets are stupid cheap and there is a good coverage of topics. If you are local, this is a good one to attend! I will also be doing my one day lean delivery workshop on 4/27 leading up to the conference. Details for both can be found here.


@ryan - I had no idea there was such an active Agile and Lean community in the Harrisburg area! Unfortunately, this is the first day of my new gig so I won’t be able to attend, but as a Central PA native, I am happy to see this happening!


It is emerging. There are some from Central PA on the board like @Todd. Hell even @Scrummando has some roots in the middle of the state.

I think it is a good thing, as a lot of the attendees to this thing are govvies.


Hey @Todd and @Scrummando. Are you guys in the Harrisburg area?

I suppose there is a natural progression of things. Silicon Valley then early adopter private sector then federal contractors then federal government then local government…


Hi @matthewholtry! I live in York at present but seem to be working all over the place :slight_smile:.


That sounds like a very good thing! Busy is good! if you have a chance to send a PM, I would be curious what kinds of opportunities you see in the Central PA area.