Hiring: Coach for beginning agile coach


I am just starting my career as an agile coach and I am looking for someone with 5+ years experience in the field of IT, agile coaching and scrum to serve as a personal coach to me over the next month (assumingly 6-12). This would amount to up to three hours of calls every week (but usually less), let me know if you are interested in this opportunity (tilman.bergt@gmail.com).


I would offer some time here, but my next 3-5 month schedule doesn’t allow for it (I’ve already over-extended myself). 3 months ago, I could have. I know this isn’t helpful, but I just wanted to show support for this kind of request and hope that you can find someone as mentoring and apprenticeship is the best way to grow these skills!


Hi Kevin, thanks for your support :slight_smile: If you know someone in your network who might be interested let me know or let them know …



Please feel free to get in touch to discuss further and if I can help, providing time zones and existing working commitments allow, then happy to assist.




Tilman - I might be able to help or help you find someone. You can see my background at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mkilby/ and I work across a number of timezones now. I’m on the US east coast.


I coach and supervise Agile Coaches and leaders professionally. You can look at this webpage to see if what I do is what you are looking for.


@lennie As an experienced agilist / “coach” and budding professional coach this hits home. Found your earlier post on this topic, thank you for sharing.