Hiring: Scrum Master in Alberta, Canada


Our People & Culture team at ATB Financial is looking for an intermediate Scrum Master to join our team to help the department implement Agile / KanBan / Lean principles. You will also run a Scrum Team and help mentor new Scrum Masters.

This is an excellent opportunity for a Scrum Master to stretch outside of IT. See the posting on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/633104436/



@Shaun_Mitchell Wow. What a lovely job req.

It makes me want to move to Canada. And join your team.

I love the Canadianness of it: “we’re the second best place to work”

In the US we’d never say it that way… Our HR folks would write “We’re one of the top places to work… (and if you feel like fact checking, well you might find out we’re not number 1… but the number 1 team - they stuffed the ballot box…”

If I hadn’t just start a new gig 30 days ago… I’d apply.

Sharing the posting with a few good eggs that I know who might be interested.


Wow that looks like a job req for an actual scrum master and not a Scrum Manager, nice work.


@andycleff, thanks for the laugh and insights into Canadian celebrations :slight_smile:

It will be very interesting to work with a Scrum Master outside the IT space and see it being applied to Human Resources. Products in HR take on a slightly different meaning.


Hi Shaun,

May I ask (or perhaps direct message me) what was the salary range?

I’m asking out of sheer curiosity and because the job title said “Intermediate” – so I was curious to know what that means in the Calgary job market.